The Keyboard Waffle Iron is HERE! By popular demand, the internets dream of keyboard-shaped waffles is now a reality! This product takes something amazing (waffles) and makes it even more amazing (keyboard waffles!). The Keyboard Waffle Iron is easily the most significant union of technology, design, and waffles in the modern age.

Over the past 2 years, the countless 3D models, 3D prints, and now fully functioning prototypes have resulted in a design that is extremely simple, with an overall industrial feel but hints of sophistication to make it surprisingly sleek.

Most importantly, it makes a great waffle, with just the right balance of soft and crispy areas that come from the keyboard pattern, and the thickness (just under 1") for a perfect portion.

The Keyboard Waffle Iron was designed from the waffle out. The goal? To create a waffle that accurately resembles a computer keyboard, and then build a waffle iron around that. It's designed to be easy to use, portable, versatile, durable, and most importantly - make a delicious, perfectly crispy, perfectly keyboard-shaped waffle!